Monitoring & Investigation

Monitoring is very important tool in after filing and post-grant phase of a lifecycle of your intellectual property right.

After a trademark is registered it is necessary to constantly monitor trademark registers of all countries of your commercial interest in order to be timely informed of potentially confusingly similar trademark applied for registration. This will give you time to take necessary measures to defend your valuable trademark rights.

In patent field monitoring may help you to get information of what is going on in particular field of technology, or what are the activities of a competitor. Also when you are aware of a pending patent application, which subject matter is very close to what is used by your own company, you may wish to monitor progress of examination of this patent application or oppositions filed by other persons against particular granted patent.

Thus to keep our clients informed about potential or existing infringement of their rights and legal interest, we provide monitoring services. Our company also is able to help to collect evidence of infringement and obtain some information on infringer, as well as provides efficient and cost effective solutions for prevention of infringement.