Preparing, Filing & Prosecution

To obtain proper protection for such industrial property rigths, as inventions, trademarks, or designs, the application for grant of such protection should be properly drafted. It is important to understand that once the application is filed it is almost impossible to correct or broaden the scope of protection defined in the application.

For instace, it is not possible to broaden the list of goods or services of the trademark applied for registration. It is not allowed to add new subject matter to the patent application filed. Therefore it is very important to correctly define the scope of protection claimed from the very beginning - prior to filing trademark, patent or design application.

After filing of an application it is necessary to ensure further prosecution of the application - responding to official actions, translating documents into other languages, monitoring deadlines, verification of documents received from and to be filed with the Patent Office, etc.

Our firm offers services of drafting and filing patent applications, preparing and filing trademark and design applications, applying for domain names registrations, handling oppositions.

Our firm's patent and trademark attorneys are entitled to represent clients before the European Patent Office, EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia, customs authorities and court institutions.

Thanks to our long-term co-operation with the Estonian and the Lithuanian colleagues, we also have a possibility of rendering our services in the territory of the three Baltic States.